Customisation free, real time interaction with your standard Unit4 ERP setup

Open up forms to the world wide web by letting people fill them in from anywhere.
Can be used either with Unit4 forms (recommended) or attribute masterfile workflow
Fully integrated with ERP workflow and document archive

Cloud based means secure access from anywhere

Optimised to work on any device with a web browser

ERP Forms but better, format your titles and headings, add text, show documents and even enable bank details checking

Save time and money by getting rid of forms which have to be manually entered into ERP

Out of the Box

Reduce manual input by putting your forms online, but with the power of ERP workflow

Create unlimited number of forms available on the web

Modulus checking of bank details and upload of verification documents to document archive

No portal login required, anyone can fill out the form if they have the right link 

Workflow Integration

Document Archive Integration

No customisation required 

Documentation to self deploy avoiding consultancy costs if you have in house skills

Your organisations branding

Production and Test Systems

Admin logging 

Regular updates and improvements

 (ERP forms license required if you wish to use that,  as well as ERP 7.8+):


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