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Our core products are listed below, and we're always happy to discuss any development or customisation needs you may have. We're a small friendly and agile team and we will be honest about how we can help you achieve your goals.

ERP Portal

Customisation free, real time interaction with your standard Unit4 ERP setup (MS6+).
Currently available for:



Simple and straightforward, works with standard business world functions such as Workflows and Document Archive.

Self setup is possible using our extensive documentation and can be done in less than a day.


Our cloud based solution means Suppliers/ Customers have a a single login for all of their clients. This can be secured using two factor authentication and all communication with your ERP system is secured using TLS to standard ERP APIs and WebServices


The portal can be branded with your own logos, fonts and colours which adapt as users navigate between their clients.
You can also embed the frames within your website for a seamless user experience.


Web based portal works on any device with a modern browser.

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Full integrated AI Neural Network based OCR extracts data at line level and works with your standard Unit4 ERP setup



Achieves up to 95% accuracy within 30 days from regular processing
Additional user training of the system is linked directly from the invoice in the ERP System 


Line level extraction available at no additional cost

Captures data 6 times faster than manual data entry, for a 97% reduction in keystrokes.

Cost Effective

We know smaller companies can benefit from OCR as well and our packages start as low as 10,000 invoices a year

Fully Integrated

One simple customisation fully integrates the AI OCR capability into Unit4 ERP desktop and web


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