ERP Portal-Suppliers

Customisation free, real time interaction with your standard Unit4 ERP setup

Reduce your AP overheads

Let suppliers securely manage their own details and transactions rather than picking up the phone or sending emails requiring rekeying

Use our bespoke sections and pages to create document management pages or questionnaires to get valuable insights

Out of the Box

Reduce AP overhead by allowing Suppliers access to:

View and change their masterfile data 

View and search their invoice transactions by status, dates, amounts

Submit indexed invoices to documents for registration to get paid faster

Also included is

Modulus checking of bank details and upload of verification documents to document archive

The ability to stop suppliers using the system without first accepting your bespoke terms and conditions

Form configuration to onboard suppliers to Business World Supplier Masterfile

Workflow Integration

Document Archive Integration

No customisation required 

Documentation to self deploy avoiding consultancy costs if you have in house skills

Your organisations branding

Production and Test Systems

Bulk onboarding of existing supplier accounts

Admin logging and email bounce notifications

5000 active portal accounts (more can be purchased)

Regular updates and improvements


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