Deployment Steps

We often get asked how the portals are deployed

1. Portal Deployment

We create you a branded portal tenant and add your first admin user.

2. ABW Configuration

The configuration flexifields are uploaded to ERP and attached to the relevant masterfiles. Data can then be loaded to them via BIF.
A user is created to link the portal to ERP.
All of this is well documented and can be undertaken by you.

3. Deployment

Connection details are added to the portal and you’re ready to start adding users


Which Unit4 ERP / ERPx (Business World / Agresso) Milestone versions are the Portals compatible with?

They are compatible with Unit4 ERP (Business World / Agresso) Milestone 7, and Milestone 6 Update 2+ as well as ERPx, however some of the recently released Portal features may not be supported on Milestone 6 due to a lack of APIs.
The forms portal requires a forms license and ERP 7.8+

What information is stored in the Portals?

We have designed our platform to be incredibly data light, only storing the absolute basic information required for accounts and support. The majority of information flows real time from your ERP system.

What data centres do you use?

We are hosted on the Azure platform, specifically the UK South region
We are able to utilise servers in other regions though if your location requires it.

What security is in place for our users?

A user account is linked to an email address which cannot be changed. When a user is set up in the Portal they will receive a link to the system to set their password which is valid for 24 hours. If that link expires they can use the password reset link which has a token with a one hour expiry time.
Additionally, you can secure the system using two factor authentication. We use Google’s 2FA system, but this can be used with multiple apps, such as Googles’s own, or other tools like Authy.

What options are there to control bank details changes?

You can use our open banking pack so that users have to verify themselves with their own bank and we then pass these details back to Unit4 ERP.

For free, the system will modulus check bank details when they are entered, while you also have the option to require a document(s) before the system will save the change.

This change request can then be workflowed via the standard Unit4 ERP (Agresso) workflow processes, meaning you can stop the change happening if you are not happy with it.

What payment providers can you work with for customer invoice payments?

We have designed the Customer Portal so that we can work with any provider that allows us to communicate with them electronically.

Can the portal do xxxxxxxxx?

Please just ask! There is so much that we can do, we’re happy considering any developments at all, although we are sometimes limited in what we can do as we remain focused on staying “customisation free”.
However, our developers are highly skilled in coming up with creative solutions. If your development benefits other customers then we may also develop it free of charge.

Does the Portal show registered invoices to suppliers / customers as well as open & paid items?

Yes, at the top you have the ABC (BC for customers) items as checkboxes. In the Portal configuration you can re-name these as you wish.
Customers also have an additional screen where they can just view and pay open items, while you can also have the Portal send a transaction back to Unit4 ERP (Agresso) to match the payment to the invoice automatically.

To what extent can the portal be customised with logos? are there any additional costs for this?

At this time we can add a logo, font and some colours. This is included in the purchase price, we also allow for user configurable stylesheets to be uploaded.

To what extent is the Portal able to automate the supplier set up process, i.e. can a new supplier be given a link and left to input relevant information, and once complete, then send an alert for checking?

Our forms pack integrates with Unit4 ERP (7.8+) forms and offers a huge amount of flexibility for a wide range of scenarios. Using standard Unit4 functionality you can fully automate the onboarding and setup of new vendors, including automated checks with national databases

Get in touch

    Please note that we are not able to provide portal users with support directly, if you have a support issue then please contact the organisation who set you up on our portal.