ERP Portal-Data (RCP)

Customisation free, real time interaction with your standard Unit4 ERP or ERPx setup

Improve Interaction with Data Entry for RCP (Research Costing and Pricing)

Users can interact with the ERP system to provide information to RCP projects without ever having to log into Unit4 ERP

Send links to anyone, even external people

Functionality can be expanded to other areas of the system if required

Out of the Box

Reduce training needs and simply data entry by allowing:

✓ Users to send input screens to whoever needs it
✓ Build custom input screens with images, texts, even with different languages or content depending on the recipient
✓ Include data from the project on the input screen
✓ Require document uploads
✓ Workflow the resulting input prior to moving the data to the project
✓ Dynamic page layout, hide and show fields and sections depending on data input

Get in touch

    Please note that we are not able to provide portal users with support directly, if you have a support issue then please contact the organisation who set you up on our portal.