Customisation free, real time interaction with your standard Unit4 ERP / ERPx setup (On premise or cloud).

screenshot showing the portal front end for a supplier who has logged in. They are able to see an important message, an overview of the actions they can take and the action buttons

Customisation free, real time interaction with your standard Unit4 ERP setup (MS6+). Currently available for:


Key Features


Simple and straightforward, works with standard business world functions such as Workflows and Document Archive.

Self setup is possible using our extensive documentation and can be done in less than a day.


Our cloud based solution means Suppliers/ Customers have a a single login for all of their clients.

This can be secured using two factor authentication and all communication with your ERP system is secured using TLS to standard ERP APIs and WebServices


The portal can be branded with your own logos, fonts and colours which adapt as users navigate between their clients.

You can also embed the frames within your website for a seamless user experience.


Web based portal works on any device with a modern browser.

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Trusted by Key Organisations

The Forms Portal will bring us a greater level of confidence when onboarding new suppliers. The implementation has led to so many more options for us to further improve processes and strengthen our governance.

Working with Adam to implement the Forms Portal has been so seamless. The documentation and support he provided has given us so much confidence in the product and helped us learn how to use it for other things.

university of strathclyde

The ERP-APPS customer portal has enabled us to improve our student payment experience, as well as giving us real time payments and invoice matching in Unit4 ERP

University of Central Lancashire

The supplier portal has really helped focus the University onboarding process for both UK and international suppliers. Enhancing the self serve functionality for suppliers, improving supplier data and bank detail capture has been very beneficial

We have implemented the portals at a number of our customers and have found the feedback to be excellent. They are a great way of expanding the functionality of the ERP System for those people outside the organisation

Get in touch

    Please note that we are not able to provide portal users with support directly, if you have a support issue then please contact the organisation who set you up on our portal.